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No 1 (2013) Synchronizing timelines: Relations between fixation durations and N400 amplitudes during sentence reading Abstract   PDF
Michael Dambacher, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) test Abstract   PDF
test1 test2
No 1 (2013) Testing-the-Limits and the Study of Adult Age Differences in Cognitive Plasticity of a Mnemonic Skill Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kliegl, Jacqui Smith, Paul B. Baltes
No 1 (2013) The effect of word position on eye-movements in sentence and paragraph reading Abstract   PDF
Victor Kuperman, Michael Dambacher, Antje Nuthmann, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) The effect of word position on eye-movements in sentence and paragraph reading Abstract   PDF
Victor Kuperman, Michael Dambacher, Antje Nuthmann, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) The focus of attention in working memory – from metaphors to mechanisms Abstract   PDF
Klaus Oberauer
No 1 (2013) The generation of secondary saccades without postsaccadic visual feedback Abstract   PDF
Sven Ohl, Stephan A. Brandt, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) The role of clefting, word order and given-new ordering in sentence comprehension: Evidence from Hindi Abstract   PDF
Shravan Vasishth, Rukshin Shaher, Naryanan Srinivasan
No 1 (2013) The role of semantics, argument structure, and lexicalization in compound stress assignment in English Abstract   PDF
Ingo Plag, Gero Kunter, Sabine Lappe, Maria Braun
No 1 (2013) The variability of compound stress in English: structural, semantic, and analogical factors Abstract   PDF
Ingo Plag
No 1 (2013) The zoom lens of attention: Simulating shuffled versus normal text reading using the SWIFT model Abstract   PDF
Daniel J Schad, Ralf Engbert
No 1 (2013) Time course and hazard function: A distributional analysis of fixation duration in reading Abstract   PDF
Gary Feng
No 1 (2013) Toward a Perceptual-Span Theory of Distributed Processing in Reading: A Reply to Rayner, Pollatsek, Drieghe, Slattery, & Reichle (2007) Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Understanding Karma Police: The Perceived Plausibility of Noun Compounds as Predicted by Distributional Models of Semantic Representation Abstract   PDF
Fritz Günther, Marco Marelli
No 1 (2013) Updating of working memory: lingering bindings Abstract   PDF
Klaus Oberauer, Kerstin Vockenberg
No 1 (2013) Variation and change in the use of hesitation markers in Germanic languages Abstract   PDF
Martijn Wieling, Jack Grieve, Gosse Bouma, Josef Fruehwald, John Coleman, Mark Liberman
No 1 (2013) Visual Working Memory Declines when More Features Must be Remembered for Each Object Abstract   PDF
Klaus Oberauer, Simon Eichenberger
No 1 (2013) What's up? Emotion-specific activation of vertical space during language processing Abstract   PDF
Carolin Dudschig, Irmgard de la Vega, Barbara Kaup
No 1 (2013) When do microsaccades follow spatial attention? Abstract   PDF
Jochen Laubrock, Reinhold Kliegl, Martin Rolfs, Ralf Engbert
No 1 (2013) Working Memory Capacity in a Go/No-Go Task: Age Differences in Interference, Processing Speed, and Attentional Control Abstract   PDF
Odir Antonio Rodríguez-Villagra, Katrin Göthe, Klaus Oberauer, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Working memory in children: Tracing age differences and special educational needs to parameters of a formal model Abstract   PDF
Katrin Göthe, Günther Esser, Anja Gendt, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Wotschack & Kliegl (2012, QJEP). Reading strategy modulates parafoveal-on-foveal effects in sentence reading Abstract   PDF
Christiane Wotschack, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Zur Syntax von Plauderchats Abstract   PDF
Burkhard Dietterle, Anke Lüdeling, Marc Reznicek
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