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No 1 (2013) Emotional valence and physical space: Limits of interaction Abstract   PDF
Irmgard de la Vega, Mónica De Filippis, Martin Lachmair, Carolin Dudschig, Barbara Kaup
No 1 (2013) Evidence for Delayed Parafoveal-on-Foveal Effects From Word n+2 in Reading Abstract   PDF
Sarah Risse, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Evidence for Direct Control of Eye Movements During Reading Abstract   PDF
Michael Dambacher, Timothy J. Slattery, Jinmian Yang, Reinhold Kliegl, Keith Rayner
No 1 (2013) Exhaustiveness effects in clefts are not truth-functional Abstract   PDF
Heiner Drenhaus, Malte Zimmermann, Shravan Vasishth
No 1 (2013) Experimental effects and individual differences in Linear Mixed Models: Estimating the relationship between spatial, object, and attraction effects in visual attention Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kliegl, Ping Wei, Michael Dambacher, Ming Yan, Xiaolin Zhou
No 1 (2013) Eye Movements during Reading Proverbs and Regular Sentences: The Incoming Word Predictability Effect Abstract   PDF
Gerardo Fernández, Diego Shalom, Reinhold Kliegl, Mariano Sigman
No 1 (2013) Eye Movements Reveal Interplay Between Noun Capitalization and Word Class During Reading Abstract   PDF
Sven Hohenstein, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Eye-Voice Span During Rapid Automatized Naming of Digits and Dice in Chinese Normal and Dyslexic Children Abstract   PDF
Jinger Pan, Ming Yan, Jochen Laubrock, Hua Shu, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Focus, Word Order and Intonation in Hindi Abstract   PDF
Umesh Patil, Gerrit Kentner, Anja Gollrad, Frank Kuegler, Caroline Fery, Shravan Vasishth
No 1 (2013) Font Size Modulates Saccade-Target Selection in Chinese Reading Abstract   PDF
Hua Shu, Wei Zhou, Ming Yan, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Further Testing of Limits of Cognitive Plasticity: Negative Age Differences in a Mnemonic Skill Are Robust Abstract   PDF
Paul B. Baltes, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Gemination and degemination in English prefixation: Phonetic evidence for morphological organization Abstract   PDF
Sonia Ben Hedia, Ingo Plag
No 1 (2013) Generalized additive modeling to analyze dynamic phonetic data: a tutorial focusing on articulatory differences between L1 and L2 speakers of English Abstract   PDF
No 1 (2013) Getting a Grip on Numbers: Numerical Magnitude Priming in Object Grasping Abstract   PDF
Oliver Lindemann, Juan M. Abolafia, Giovanna Girardi, Harold Bekkering
No 1 (2013) Homophony and morphology: The acoustics of word-final S in English Abstract   PDF
Ingo Plag, Julia Homann, Gero Kunter
No 1 (2013) How embodied is action verb processing? Exploring the limits of effector-specific compatibility effects Abstract   PDF
Jessica Vanessa Strozyk, Daniela Katharina Ahlberg, Carolin Dudschig, Barbara Kaup
No 1 (2013) How Preview Space/Time Translates into Preview Cost/Benefit for Fixation Durations during Reading Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kliegl, Sven Hohenstein, Ming Yan, Scott A. McDonald
No 1 (2013) How structure-sensitive is the parser? Evidence from Mandarin Chinese Abstract   PDF
Zhong Chen, Lena Jäger, Shravan Vasishth
No 1 (2013) ICAT: A Computational Model for the Adaptive Control of Fixation Durations Abstract   PDF
Hans Trukenbrod, Ralf Engbert
No 1 (2013) Implicit prosody and contextual bias in silent reading Abstract   PDF
Kate McCurdy, Gerrit Kentner, Shravan Vasishth
No 1 (2013) In Search of On-Line Locality Effects in Sentence Comprehension Abstract   PDF
Brian Bartek, Richard L. Lewis, Mason Smith, Shravan Vasishth
No 1 (2013) Interferenz im Arbeitsgedächtnis: Ein formales Modell Abstract   PDF
Klaus Oberauer, Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) International cooperation in psychology is on the rise Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kliegl, Douglas Bates
No 1 (2013) International Publication Statistics Show Collaboration, Not Competition Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kliegl
No 1 (2013) Investigating dialectal differences using articulography Abstract   PDF
Martijn Wieling, Fabian Tomaschek, Denis Arnold, Mark Tiede, Franziska Bröker, Samuel Thiele, Simon N. Wood, R. Harald Baayen
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